Wednesday, February 19, 2014

iPad Air and 2nd Gen Mini

The Apple iPad Air is the newest of the Apple iPad line and it is a great addition! It features a 9.7 inch screen with a retina display just like the 3rd and 4th generation iPads but this time that display is housed in a much smaller, thinner case. Even with the smaller case, the iPad Air includes a new faster processor and better front facing and rear facing cameras. It also weighs 1/3 of a pound less. That weight or lack there of is very noticeable! I never thought that the iPad was real heavy but after using this I can't get over how light it is and how heavy my 3rd gen iPad feels.

The other new addition to the iPad line is the 2nd generation iPad Mini also called the iPad Mini with Retina Display. This Mini is nice but feels almost exactly like the original Mini. Almost all the upgrades here are under the hood, the biggest being the new retina screen. There is a new faster processor and an upgrade to both the front and rear cameras (all the same upgrades that are on the iPad Air).

Even with the new upgrades to the Mini, the Air is real show stopper. Even if hadn't noticed before, once you pick up the Air you can immediately feel the difference and the older iPads feel balky in comparison.

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